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1. SUPERSONIC ENERGY     (lyrics)
Vocals- Byata, Intro-Supersonic, Chorus- Shelia Horne Brody aka Amuka, Actual phone messages from Tommy Lee & Snoop Dogg , Music- Chris Vivviani
2. SYNCHROSONIC     (lyrics)     (Flash Video)
Vocals- Byata, Chello- Dave Eggar, Music- Earthman
3. YEAR OF THE SQRAT ATTACK     (lyrics)     (Flash Video) - (CNN)
Vocals- Byata, Music-Chris Vivviani
4. THOUGHT WE HAD A DEAL     (lyrics)
Vocals-Byata, Live Beatbox-Shane Conroy * WARNING* EXPLICIT LYRICS
played on MTV - "Whose Got Game" Magic Johnson's show. Episode 104
5. IT'S ALL GOOD     (lyrics)     (Flash Video) - (Article)
Vocals- Ragidy & Supersonic, Intro- Princess Jazmyn (age 5),
Music- Jon & Sally Tiven
6. WHAT IF (THE CELEBRITY SONG)     (lyrics)
Vocals- Dirty Hands, Music is a Rapper’s Delight Remix
7. SAM JAM (Version 1)     (lyrics)
Vocals- Toothpick, Music- John & Sally Tiven
8. SAM JAM (Version 2)     (lyrics)     (Flash Video)
Vocals- Supersonic, Pans & Cans - Supersonic,
Music- Jon & Sally Tiven
9. SAM JAM (Version 3 Kids ReMix)     (lyrics)
Vocals- HiSpeed Supersonic, Music- Jon & Sally Tiven
10. OUTTER-BODY-BABY     (lyrics)
Vocals- Shera Worden, Music-Jon & Sally Tiven
11. THE BROKEN HEART SONG     (lyrics)
Vocals- Shelia Horne Brody aka Amuka,
Music Jon & Sally Tiven
12. SHOULDA TOOK MY PROZAC     (lyrics)
Vocals-Pink Snow, Music-Jon & Sally Tiven
13. AllERGIC REACTION     (lyrics)
Vocals- Jonatha Bates, Music- Jon & Sally Tiven
14. WILD CHILD     (lyrics)
Vocals- Jonatha Bates, Music- Pete Brag