I AM  
Thank you GOD
For all you have shown me
Have taught me
Have done for me
All the times you woke me
And spoken to me
And have carried me
And nurtured my very existance
Thank You God
For the times 
You have walked with me 
And the times 
You have walked through me
The gifts you have blessed me with 
The power you have given me
By creating me in your likeness
The vision you have brought me
The path you have led me
I have realised 
The potentional you have gifted me 
And I will actualise 
Those very gifts
And my potentional
In your name GOD
Thank You GOD  
For creating my opportunities
My wealth and all my riches
My greatness
For I AM Love
I AM Desire
I AM Pure
We Are One
As I AM One With You God
Forever In eturnal Bliss
I AM Blessed
A Messenger
A Force of Nature
With Riches
A strong Mind and Heart
With thirst and hunger for life
And have been created
With Magic and power and energies
To guide and create
I will guide those
That need guidence
And nurture those that need nutring
And create 
when there is the lack of
I'm appreciative of these gifts
And I Thank You God 
For allowing me
To acknowledge what I posses 
And I will use my magic
And powers wisely
To do good by others
I Thank You God
For creating me
A special being
And giving me life of true bliss
For I Am Blessed
Beyond the adverage being
I am and protected
From all evils, harm
And do not doubt You GOD
Or doubt myself
You have created abundance 
And riches and richness
Through my veins 
And created only one,Me 
And gifted Me pride
And strength 
And knowledge 
And vision 
Way beyond 
Even my own comprehensions 
I hear the universe speak to me
And speak through me
I understand the signs 
You have gifted me
With insight 
And instinct
And senses deeply connected
To mother earth 
And the eyes and ears
That only GOD's CHILD
Would know they have
Created my every illusion a reality
Every breath taken
An inspiration
Every exhale
A sence of purpose 
A light to show
Others the way
And I accept these gifts
As treasures 
And will act in accordance
Thank You God

Copyright 2003, Ivy Supersonic ~ All Rights Reserved