Thank You God 

Thank You God
For changing my life
For creating me whole
For being my friend
For watching my back
Thank You God
For holding my hand
For making me strong
For hearing my voice
For keepin it real
Thank You God
For being you
For accepting me as I AM
For creating Me as I AM
For taking me under your wing
For teaching me to fly
For setting me free
Thank You God
For coming in peace
For birthing the dove
For keeping me warm
For your loving touch
For your golden hand
For your rays of hope
For your zen like thoughts 
You light upon me
Thank You God
For your sunny smile
For your teary skys
For sharing your thoughts
For giving me your voice
For showing me examples
For speaking to me
For speaking through me
Thank You God
For showing up every time
In the dark of night
In the light of day
In every unshapely way
In the turn of autum
In the dead of winter
In the summer's heat
Thank You God
For sharing your heart
For allowing me to feel
For every scar that's healed
For making all my wounds disapear
Thank You God
For I AM alive
For breathing life in me
For making every second count
For creating every moment sacred
For creating Everyday Anew
For creating Everyday the begining
For showering me with presance
For gifting me Godsend Presents
Thank You God
For my favorite gift
Which you brought me
And taught me to share 
For experiencing
This Gift of Life
With You
That I know 
Because you have shown me
I Thank You God
For Being
For Being Here
For Being There
For Being Everywhere
All at once
All The Time
Throughout Time
Eturnaly Devine
Thank You God
Thank You God

Copyright 2003, Ivy Supersonic ~ All Rights Reserved